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The work of Mr Cutler, including a Drain Cover using our Apex Capping.

A Canal Lock Gate designed and built by Oldham Council.

Garden Designed & Built by Mr Dalton, using a variety of our decorative aggregates.

A Corner Shed built with our Shiplap Boards & Green Onduline Sheeting.

Designed & Built by Colin from Ash Landscapes using our Pro Wax Decking.

Designed & Built by Mr Christie using a couple of Chevron Panels salvaged from our £5 panel rack.

A small project performed with The Conservation Volunteers using our Treated Sawn Boards.

Shannon Corner Gazebo set on Pro Wax Decking.

Arley Artificial Grass laid by Pro Green Gardens
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Designed and Built by Reece Landscapes

Shed roof revitilised with Cedar Shingles & Ridges.

Raised Corner Decking created with our Fine Rib Decking Boards.

A Sleeper bed garden created as St John's Wood Academy, Knutsford.

Shed Constructed with Shiplap boards & Oak frameing created with Oak Sleepers.

Designed and Built by Steve Davies, completely from our Sawn Timber.

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