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We are on the A537 between Knutsford and Chelford, between Marthall Church and Lee's Growers.

Post Code For Sat Nav.

Be Carefull using the postcode for Sat Nav, sometimes you will end up down the back lanes, Don't turn off the A537.

More Information.

Coming from Chelford you will pass Marthall Church on your right hand side, as you go down a slight hill, you should see a Cream House set back from the road, our entrance is next to it, before the Lay by on the right also.
From Knutsford, get onto the A537, As you come out of Knutsford you will go over a couple of roundabouts, Pass a Wooden Sculptured King, go round two sharp bends, past the Dunn Cow Pub on your left, past Fired Earth on your right. Next you should see some signs for a weigh bridge and a Lay By, Our Entrance is just past the Lay By after Weigh Bridge/Lee's Growers Supplys.

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Our Water Coolers are from AquAid