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Artificial Grass.
Our grass is at the forefront of artificial grass technology and all our grasses feature the 'C-shaped' yarns. This te has helped us develop our exclusive 'Springback Fibre Technology' which is the most realistic, reinforced 'shaped fibre' on the market and performs better than any.

Types we have cut to order

Name Tuft Weight Pile Spec
New Arley 3/8" 2.8kg/m2 30mm
Dunham 3/8" 2.6kg/m2 35mm
Tatton 5/16" 2.3kg/m2 35mm
Bruntwood 3/8" 2.5kg/m2 30mm
Adlington 3/8" 2.1kg/m2 25mm
Rode 3/8" 2.3kg/m2 25mm
Alderley 3/8" 2.3kg/m2 38mm
Chatsworth 3/8" 2.2kg/m2 28mm

Cutting Service.
We offer a cutting service, if you know the amount needed or just the area you want to cover we can calculate the correct and most efficient way for the grass to be cut.

Roll Sizes.
The carpet comes in either 2m or 4m wide rolls, cut to the length required. From ordering it normally takes 48 Hours.

We stock the full range of accessories to help lay the grass, including adhesives, joining strip, nails, screws, timber, & aggregates.

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Our Water Coolers are from AquAid