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Penthouse Play Frame (To Order).
This extra large climbing frame, with three connecting platforms, is the ultimate play experience for both toddlers and youngsters. They will love the various entries and exits. Hours of fun guaranteed!
The three connecting platforms can each be equipped with a corresponding KBT slide or module.
There is only one design version available for the Penthouse, since the 3 different platforms offer plenty of opportunity already.

Beach Hut Play Frame (To Order).
The characteristic look of the Beach Hut is simply impossible to resist. This lovely playhouse extended with a nice frontal balcony will provide hours of fun. With the large sandbox as their own private beach, kids can build the biggest sandcastles ever.
The Beach Hut has an entry ladder and one extra entry opening, ideal for an additional module.

Belveredere Play Frame (To Order).
Enjoy the wide views from upon this original looking climbing frame. The sloping structure gives the Belvedere its distinctive look, with as surplus an integrated big climbing wall on the side. Both the exit slide and the entry ladder are positioned at the front, which is an ideal setup for smaller gardens.

Kiosk Play Frame (To Order).
The Kiosk offers excellent value for money. It has a wooden roof, and can be easily expanded with the @swing attachment swing, or any other module of your choice.
Popular with children of all ages, the Kiosk is everything a playtower should be.

Pagoda (To Order).
As playground tower with the biggest platform of the entire Blue Rabbit 2.0 range (1.4m x 1.6m) the Pagoda provides children plenty of room for playing. The integrated balcony that can be used as an outlook post greatly enhances the play value of this spacious tower. The below sandpit offers a huge space for digging and building sandcastles. Resembling an ancient Chinese temple the unique Pagoda look is a guarantee for hours of discovery adventures.

Cascade Play Frame (To Order).
The Cascade has two connecting platforms and an inclined entrance ramp, which makes it easily accessible for all ages. Like the vast majority of all Blue Rabbit 2.0 towers, this tower can be built with different platform heights, 0.9m or 1.2m. The lower version of this tower was designed specifically for children of 3-6 years of age. You can also add an @swing or an @challenger to the right side.

Free Swing (To Order).
Since the KBT range of accessories is the most extensive on the market, you can equip the Freeswing completely according to your wishes. Make your pick in the variety of classic swing seats, baby seats, trapezes, rope ladders,… Or maybe you prefer a fantastic nest swing, a duo seat or a buoy ball.

Strong & Jumbo Combo (To Order).
This swing is a great addition to any play area, upon construction of the main frame, many of the play accessories can be added for extra fun.

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