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@ Platform (To Order).
You’re looking for a play tower that is safe for both young and old? Well, the @platform module offers the perfect solution!
This little attachment platform is only 60 cm high and can be further equipped with a small KBT ‘toba’ slide. It is ideal for toddlers that are too young to access the main play tower..

@Bridge (To Order).
The @bridge module combines two play towers to create the ultimate children’s play paradise. Children love to walk from one tower to the other. For sure many imaginative adventures will take place whilst crossing the bridge…

@Swing (To Order).
Avoid the dilemma of choosing between a play tower and a freestanding swing. Simply add the @swing to the tower of your choice! This classic combo provides plenty of variety for the children. You can choose your favourite swinging accessories in the extensive KBT catalogue.

@Wall (To Order).
Children love to impress their parents by climbing the @wall module. A true challenge to enter the play tower via the wall with climbing stones! The @wall module enhances the sense of balance and improves motor skills. And the colourful climbing stones add that little extra touch you were looking for.
Popular with children of all ages, the Kiosk is everything a playtower should be.

@Ramp (To Order).
Climb the tower by pulling yourself up the steep slope. The thick rope gives excellent grip for small kids’ hands. Extra footholds on the wooden ramp facilitate climbing.

@Challenger (To Order).
The @challenger does its name justice. The sloping look immediately triggers children to clamber and climb the different sides of their very own backyard ’mountain’. They will sleep very well after their challenging expeditions to the top.

@Steps (To Order).
The @steps module makes it easy for all children to enter their beloved Blue Rabbit 2.0 play tower safely. This comfortable stairway has two handrails to guide you all the way up.

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