Fencing & Landscaping Tools

Our new shop was completed in October 2017 and we stock a large range of tools. Below you will find details on some of the items we stock. We have included ‘how to use’ videos for some of these.

Donalds Autochain Wire Stretcher


This stretcher will securely grip all classes and qualities of wire including steel and other hard and smooth wire. It does not in any way damage, mark or kink the wire and incorporates the best and most efficient chin strainer grip yet discovered.

• It is especially efficient in straining single strand barbed wire.
• Can be used at the straining post or at any point along the fence.
• Most suitable for telephone and telegraph line erection or any short hauls.
• It’s semi-automatic action and efficient grip puts it in a class by itself amongst chain stretchers.

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Hayes Smooth Grip Strainer

The original chain and grab wire strainer. Proven in the field for over 100 years

• Heavy duty industry leader

• Available with anchor hook and extra long chain H300AL (800009)

• Suitable for wires 1.5-5mm smooth or barbed.

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Hayes Clamp Strainer

Designed for use with prefabricated fence
• For use with Steel Strainer Clamps

Product specification:
Max load: 600kg (1323lbs) force. Overall chain length: 6m.

Technical Specification:
Technical Maximum load: 600kg (1323lb) force

Video coming soon....

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Draper Wire Tightener

Expert Quality, for tensioning wire (including barbed wire) up to 4mm diameter prior to stapling onto wooden fencing posts. Manufactured from carbon steel hardened and tempered with 600mm long handle for excellent leverage and a pivoting 'Durbar' steel locating foot to grip any post type whilst straining wire.

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Market leaders in the joining and tensioning of wire

We stock the very popular Gripple products in small bags and full boxes.

Small, medium. large & T-Clip. The gripple tool and contractors tool.

The fundamental principle of a Gripple device is simple: there are two channels, each with an independent locking mechanism. The 'lock' is created by the roller, which is free to move in one direction only and grips the wire as it moves back. This concept allows tension to be applied throughout the life of the wire.

Bracing - In contrast to a traditional brace, the GPAK is easy to handle and can be tensioned and re-tensioned.

Joining - Unlike fiddly knots and crimps, the Gripple Plus is not just a wire joiner, but a tensioner too. Installation is simpler and up to five times faster.

Maintenance and repair - To combat natural ground movement and wire elongation every Gripple product can be tensioned and re-tensioned year after year. For repairs, simply use two Gripple Plus to splice a section of wire into the break and apply tension.

End post termination - The Gripple T-Clip is a revolutionary new way to secure a fence at an end post. It's push-fit mechanism is installed in seconds, without the need to knot line wires.

Tensioning - Gripple tensioning tools allow each line wire to be tensioned individually, optimising the life of the fence. Perfect for on-going maintenance, they allow re-tensioning year after year.

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Hayes Procrimp Fencing Tool

4-in-1 fencing tool - crimping tool, staple puller, cable stripper, and wire cutter.

• Hardened stainless steel components provide strength and corrosion resistance
• Double action crimping jaws maximise crimping force and enhance locking action for gripping staples
• Flat head jaws give improved stability when removing staples
• Extra long handles for improved crimping power and greater leverage for removing staples

Clips & Tools

We stock a good range of netting clips and tools in the shop. PVC green, stainless steel and galvanised.

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Spear & Jackson Post Hole Digger

A cost effective way to remove soil prior to installing a fencing post. Ash handles for a comfortable grip with oval steel blades to help to create a deep and narrow hole ensuring less postcrete will be needed.

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Spear & Jackson Shovel Holer

Larger blades than the standard post holler allowing the removal of soil quickly. Ideal for the installation of larger posts. Can also be used to remove small mounts of rubble from holes. Available with wooden, steel or insulated shafts.

Insulated shaft are ideal for digging holes near live cables.

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Draper Fencing Pliers

One of the most popular items in our shop. Expert Quality, manufactured from carbon steel with smoothly ground and polished head. Head incorporates a striking face; staple removing hook; pincer and clamp on top jaw; grips on inside of handles for straining and twisting wire and two shear type wire cutters. Cushion grip handles. We also stock other brands of fencing pliers including CK and Patura. image placeholder

Fencer's Graft

A fencers graft is a must have tool. The strong steel blade will cut through roots as you dig. The longer handle allows for less bending. It is ideal for digging narrow steep holes perfect for fence post installation. We stock several brands in our shop including a graft with an insulated shaft for added safety when digging near underground cables. image placeholder

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Ground Buster

Expert Quality, ideal for breaking up hard ground, concrete, concrete blocks, rocks, solid clay, tree roots and other tough surfaces found during demolition and hole digging. Heavy duty carbon steel construction with a hardened chisel point. An internal sliding weight built into the shaft gives a secondary impact which helps prevent jarring in the hands, wrists, shoulders, neck and back, it also helps prevent bounce back recoil when in use. Display carton.

Ground Buster® is a registered trademark of Draper Tools Ltd. A Terrax licensed product sold exclusively by Draper Tools Ltd

Chisel & Point / Chisel & Tamp

Top quality steel allows the chisel and point to be used for demolition purposes. We stock a couple of sizes and two brands Sitemate & Caldwells. We can also offer a chisel and tamp bar.

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Spinning Jenny

The spinning Jenny allows you to keep your line wire neat and tidy to prevent tangling.

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Pry Bars, Crow Bars and Wrecking Bars

Ideal for demolition and removal skirting boards/architrave and embedded nails & tacks.

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Post Knocker

Post knockers are ideal for installing machine rounded and peeled posts. 4, 5 & 6 inch available.

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Rakes, Brushes & Shovels

At Marthall we stock a wide range of rakes brushes & shovels. Our rakes include poly, steel, aluminium, and wood. Stiff and soft brushes. We have shovels & spades in several designs by popular brands including Spear & Jackson, Sitemate, Caldwells & Faithfull. Taper Mouth, square, trenching, Irish and Newcastle are all available in the shop.

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We stock a large range of pliers, wire cutters, bolt croppers and tin snips. This photo shows just some of the items available.

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Measuring Devices

We stock a huge range of measuring devices including, wheels, tapes up to 100m and spirit levels. Our 2.0m spirit level by Spear & Jackson is very popular.

We are also stockist for Imex. Their specialist laser levels and double sided tape measures and brick lines are of the highest quality.

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IMEX Laser Levelling & Measuring

Imex is the leader in linear measuring and laser levels, offering the professional tradesman superior quality, innovative products and widest range. The Imex range of laser levels and digital level products has been specified by our construction trained team, designed and manufactured by laser levelling professionals to perform in all conditions efficiently and accurately. The most advanced laser levelling diode technology is combined with robust housings and our unique green laser colour.

We stock just some of their fantastic products including double sided tape measures, 100m brick lines, measuring wheels, spirit levels, laser levels and a stud finder. Please visit their website to find out even more and to see a range of products we can bring in to order.

IMEX 66R Rotating Laser Level

£517.80 + VAT

Rotating Laser Level

Imex 66R

Need a laser level for construction? The IMEX 66R Rotating Laser kit is highly accurate and very simple to operate. Featuring a huge 400m dia range, rubber sheath protection and heavy duty lighthouse cover for superior shockproof and weatherproofing the 66R is the leader in value for everyday laser levelling.

The kit includes the tripod and staff.

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Cross Line Laser Level IMEX LX22

What’s all this about, Imex International has developed new technology in laser diodes to create extremely clear and precise laser lines. Now part of the branded Laser Edge Technology TM tools.
Traditionally line lasers will have a thin laser line when close by and then, the further away the line travels the wider the laser line gets. This is not good as the laser line becomes more and more inaccurate. The LX22 has a great laser line that can be easily seen up to 40M away inside, and has sharp clear, thin lines all the way.

This Imex cross-liner and plumb spot, self – levelling laser has 1 sharp vertical line and 1 horizontal line, plumb up and down spot. Features an excellent magnetic rotating bracket and a pulsating mode for outdoor use with optional detector up to 50m, this is the most efficient cross line laser available giving better results every time. It is the ultimate palm laser. You can also turn the self-levelling function off and create a laser line wherever needed.

The LX22 comes in two options. As a kit which includes a tripod, bracket, target plate and a canvas carry pouch or with just the bracket, target plate and canvas carry pouch.

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BE30 Laser Distance Measurer

The Bullseye 30 laser distance measurer is simple fast and accurate. It has been designed to fit comfortably in your pocket.

• 30m Range.

• Measure length, area and cubic to mm accuracy.

• Fast speed measuring

• High definition dot

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Bullseye 80 Laster Distance Measurer

Imex Laser Distance Measurer 80m Series offers the most accurate laser technology with an easy to use ergonomic hand held unit. Saves time and increases efficiency for all trades. The ultimate quoting and measuring instrument for:- Builders, Painters, Architects, Interior decorators, Carpet layers, Tilers, Plumbers, Fabricators, Kitchen Manufacturers, Glaziers, Electricians.

• 80m Range.

• Measure Area, Length, Cubic & Pythagoras

• Tilt function for angle measuring and indirect

• 7 x Second Speed Measuring

• Adjustable end function

• 99 measurement recall

• Belt pouch

• Heavy Duty Casing

• Measuring from front or rear.

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IMEX 600mm Digital Spirit Level

Highly accurate digital spirit level that measures to the nearest 0.1mm/m at level and plumb. Contains a horizontal, vertical and digital vial. Buzzer sound alert at 0°, 45° and 90°. LCD screen features 360° readout and the display flips to an upside down position for easier reading. Measures in degrees, percentage and mm/m. Supplied with a water-resistant bag.

Features & Benefits:

• Accurate to 0.1mm/m at Level & Plumb

• Accurate to 0.2mm/m at all Other Angles

• Backlit LCD Display

• 360° Display Readout

• Horizontal & Vertical Vials

• Units Displayed as °, % & mm/m

• Recalibration Function

• Audible Signal at 0°, 45° & 90°

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Laser Digital Level with Laser Beam (600mm)

Imex 600mm Laser Digital Level with Laser Beam

• Laser Class 11/111. Emits a red dot to 30m, dependent on light.

• 360° angle measuring. Large LCD Display. Display Hold.

• Self calibration function. +/-0.1° Accuracy.

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We also stock a good range of:

• Hammers-including sledge, lump & claw.

• Saws-individual, promotional packs, hack, bow.

• Cutting disks & blades.

• Chisels.

• Gardening equipment by Fiskars, buckets, wheelbarrows and replacement tyres.

• Paints, preservatives, end seal, brushes, rollers & sprayers.

• Clothing, boots, gloves & safety equipment.

• Glues, bonding tapes, felt adhesive, wood filler, WD40.

• Patura electric fencing.

• Rope, bungees & ratchets.

• Please see the fixing guides for our details on our vast range of nuts, bolts & screws etc.