Wire & Mesh

We stock a good range of mesh and netting products but we understand the description codes can be a little confusing. So here is an example.


C - Medium (2.5mm) Wire
L - Light (2.0mm) Wire
HT - High Tensile (2.5mm) Wire
B - Heavy Wire

8 - How many horizontal wires it has / 80- add ‘0’ this is the height (800mm) & finally /15 add ‘0’ this is the gap in mm between the verticals. So 150mm in this example.

Horse & Foal Netting

SFHT12/107/7.5 50m roll Hinge Joint

SFHT12/107/7.5 Hampton Net 50m Rolls To Order Only

SFHT13/122/7.5 Hampton Net 50m Rolls To Order Only

SFHT13/122/8 50m Rolls Hinge Joint

SFHT13/122/8 200m Rolls Hinge Joint

Hampton NET™ fencing features a horse friendly smooth joint reduces the risk of injury to horses and people

Manufactured to BS EN 10223-5. Wire produced to BS 4102 and fully galvanised to BS EN 10244-2 Class A.

Hampton NET™ is the revolutionary fencing option for all discerning horse owners and breeders.

We can also offer the more traditional hinge joint. This type of joint allows the fence to flex under pressure. Foal netting has even smaller apertures and is available to order.

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Sheep, Pig & Bull Netting

Stock fencing is available in various mesh sizes and can be as versatile as the application dictates providing a safer option for many animals. Whether it be lamb fencing, cow and bull fencing, pig fencing, sheep fencing, stock fencing is a quality fencing option.

C8/80/15 50m Rolls

C10/120/15 50m Rolls

C7/10 /15 50m Rolls

L10/120/15 50m Rolls

L5/60/15 50m Rolls

L8/80/15 50m Rolls

HT8/80/15 100m, 300m & 500m Rolls

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Rabbit & Chicken Netting

We stock Galvanised Rabbit netting/Chicken Netting in 50m rolls.

Fully Galvanised After Manufacture to BS EN 10223-2: 2012

600mm high x 31mm aperture 19g 1.0mm wire

1050mm high x 31mm aperture 19g 1.0mm wire

1200mm high x 31mm aperture 19g 1.0mm wire

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Deer Netting


We stock a traditional hinge joint deer netting. Hampton Net is available to order as are other heights up to 2.6m

Mesh sizes can be as versatile as your requirements ensuring deer and elk legs are safe from entrapment and injury but predators are excluded.

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Badger Netting

Hampton NET™ Fencing can help to reduce the spread of Bovine TB.

The Hinged Hampton NET™ badger fencing solution is designed to protect and safely exclude badgers.

The lower section is angled in the direction of the badger and buried a minimum of 450mm into the ground, guarding against even the most aggressive of attacks.

Manufactured to BS EN 10223-5. Wire produced to BS 4102. Fully galvanised to BS EN 10244-2 Class A

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Kennel Netting

Redbrand Yard, Garden and Kennel Fence with Square Deal® Knot specially designed product suitable for many garden fence projects including dog fencing and chicken fencing. The rigid stay construction makes the fence easy to install and has a smooth side making it a very safe fence for the garden environment. 50mm x 50mm (2" x 2") mesh Ideal for gardens, children and pets. Excellent for dog runs. Strong yet lightweight. More attractive than weldmesh. Tough 16g wire with galvanised finish. 1.9mm top and bottom wires 1.6mm fill wire.

Kennel Fence 0.9m 19/90/5 30m Roll

Kennel Fence 1.2m 25/120/5 30m Roll

Galvanised Compliance with British and European Standards BSEN 10244 - Steel Wire and Wire Products Non-ferrous Metallic Coatings on Steel Wire part 2 - Zinc or Zinc Alloy Coatings to class A.

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Otter Netting

Protected by EC and European Law, otters can be one of the most destructive predators. To exclude otters successfully and without harm, Hampton NET™ for Otters fencing has the versatility to withstand even the most cunning of otter attacks.

Customers can choose our two fence combination to exclude otters, erecting Hampton's 19/183/5c with a hinged upper section to be angled out and the separate smaller hinged section, 6/51/5a to provide a 'skirt' along the ground preventing otters from burrowing to gain access.

All these fences are available as either HNHT or HNLHT.

Manufactured to BS EN 10223-5.

Wire produced to BS 4102.

Fully galvanised to BS EN 10244-2 Class A.

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Hampton's UK manufactured and patented (GB 2541960) metal post and clip system.

Guaranteed for 30 years.

With its delta profile this new intermediate metal post is superior in strength and able to accommodate all woven wire fence patterns.

Quick and simple to erect, the Versalok® post has been designed with lozenge shaped holes to easily and securely lock in the patented stainless steel Versalok® clip.

Where required, two clips can be inserted into one hole thereby increasing product versatility.

Combined with Hampton's steel box and angle Strainer Systems, Hampton can provide customers with a fully integrated metal post system.

Posts produced in standard lengths of 1.8m, 2.2m & 2.9m. Other lengths are available (minimum quantities apply)

Versalok® posts are manufactured from high yield strength steel in 1.5mm and 2.5mm thickness.

Combine with Hampton's Strainer Systems to provide a fully integrated metal post system suitable for all woven wire fence specifications.

Contact the Hampton experienced sales team to discuss your requirements 01933 234070

Features & Benefits

Protective Coating
- Manufactured with a magnesium, aluminium and zinc alloy coating

Long Life
- Guaranteed for 30 years

Superior Strength
- Manufactured from high yield strength steel

Stainless Steel Versalok® Clips
- Can be inserted anywhere on the post

- Two clips can be inserted into one hole

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We stock the very popular Gripple products in small bags and full boxes.

Small, medium. large & T-Clip. The gripple tool and contractors tool.

The fundamental principle of a Gripple device is simple: there are two channels, each with an independent locking mechanism. The 'lock' is created by the roller, which is free to move in one direction only and grips the wire as it moves back. This concept allows tension to be applied throughout the life of the wire.

Bracing - In contrast to a traditional brace, the GPAK is easy to handle and can be tensioned and re-tensioned.

Joining - Unlike fiddly knots and crimps, the Gripple Plus is not just a wire joiner, but a tensioner too. Installation is simpler and up to five times faster.

Maintenance and repair - To combat natural ground movement and wire elongation every Gripple product can be tensioned and re-tensioned year after year. For repairs, simply use two Gripple Plus to splice a section of wire into the break and apply tension.

End post termination - The Gripple T-Clip is a revolutionary new way to secure a fence at an end post. It's push-fit mechanism is installed in seconds, without the need to knot line wires.

Tensioning - Gripple tensioning tools allow each line wire to be tensioned individually, optimising the life of the fence. Perfect for on-going maintenance, they allow re-tensioning year after year.

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Green PVC Chainlink

Plastic coated high quality chain link fencing.

0.9m Chain Link PVC Green 3.15/2.24 Zinc Core 25m

1.2m Chain Link PVC Green 3.15/2.24 Zinc Core 25m

1.8m Chain Link PVC Green 3.15/2.24 Zinc Core 25m

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Ideal for dogs!
Europlast is an extremely popular product as it is ideal for dog proofing a garden whilst still being aesthetically pleasing due to its green PVC coating. Rolls are easy to handle as they are 25m long. It can also be used in light security applications and is also idea for fencing off areas of water from children.

Available in three heights

1.0m , 1.2m & 1.8m

Vision Mesh Panel System

Panels 3.0m wide x 1.8, 2.0 x 2.4m high

Posts to suit & bolt down feet available.

We also sell Torx bits and corner fixing kits.

Mesh gates single or double available to order

1.2m wide single or 4.0m as a double.

Other styles and sizes available to order.


The new name in General Purpose V Mesh Fencing, Vision Mesh offers the ideal fencing solution to your perimeter security requirements. The hollow steel posts measure 60 x 60mm

Each profiled panel features 30mm projecting spikes, making them extremely difficult to climb over, and ensures your fencing provides an excellent deterrent against vandals and intruders.

This vision mesh wire mesh fencing panel system uses strong wrap-around metal clips (rather than a clamp bar) to hold the welded steel mesh panels to the steel posts. These clips – with 90º angled returns that prevent tampering – fit into threaded inserts on the posts and are fixed in place using pin torx bolts for enhanced security.

The profiled mesh panels are first galvanised and then polyester powder-coated and whether it is protecting public buildings, car parks, business parks or retail premises Colour is RAL Green.

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Light Welded Mesh

his lightly welded mesh has a variety of uses & is ideal for building rabbit runs, bird aviaries & chicken coops. We can offer 30m rolls wit two different apertures from stock.

0.9m 25x13mm (36"x1"x½")19g

0.9m 25x25mm (36"x1"x1")19g

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PVC Coated Weldmesh

We stock a good range of sizes in the PVC welded mesh rolls. This type of mesh is ideal for heavy duty security purposes. Each roll is 25m in length with a 50 x 50mm aperture. 2.5mm wire coated with PVC 3.0mm

900 x 50 x 50mm

1200 x 50 x 50mm

1500 x 50 x 50mm

1800 x 50 x 50mm

2400 x 50 x 50mm

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Galvanised Weldmesh

We stock a good range of sizes in the Galvanised welded mesh rolls. This type of mesh is ideal for heavy duty security purposes. Each roll is 25m in length with a 50 x 50mm aperture.

900m x 50 x 50 2.5mm wire

900m x 50 x 50 3.0mm wire

1200m x 50 x 50 2.5mm wire

1200m x 50 x 50 3.0mm wire

1500m x 50 x 50 2.5mm wire

1800m x 50 x 50 2.5mm wire

1800m x 50 x 50 3.0mm wire

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Line Wire

Suitable for a variety of commercial applications, Hampton's coiled line wire is available in a wide choice of specifications, grades and finishes.

Wire produced to BS 4102. Galvanised to BS EN 10244

2.5mm High Tensile Line Wire 649m 25kg

3.15mm SOFT ( 10 swg) Galvanised Line Wire approx. 410 LM

3.15mm HT Galvanised Line Wire approx. 410 LM

4.00mm (8swg) Galvanised Line Wire approx. 254 LM

PVC GREEN Line Wire 5Kg 110m coil 3.55/2.50mm

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Barb Wire

Hampton's quality barbed wire is manufactured to BS EN 10223-1 and galvanised to BSEN 10244-2 Class A.

Our twin strand barbed wire is produced from the highest quality wire, available in both mild steel (Iowa) and high tensile options in 200m rolls on a wooden spool

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Wire Rope

7 Strand twisted wire rope. Available from our shop in 100mm coils. 4mm & 5mm.

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Tie Wire

We stock coils of Tie wire

Green PVC coated 2.0/1.4mm 1/2kg 25m

Galvanise 1.6mm 1/2kg 25mm

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We stock a range of fencing staples in 1/2kg,1kg,2.5kg bags and 25kg boxes

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Vicebite was developed in Australia where it has been tried, tested and trusted in all types of fencing for the last 5 years. Notching out the straining post is time consuming and skilled job. Vicebite avoids the need for precise on site chainsaw work.

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